V4 to v5 Upgrade Info

Things to be aware of when upgrading

Even though upgrading from version 4 to version 5 should be seamless to most people, there are some things you may need to be aware of.

  • All your 'People' also need to move to the new version
    • If you are using the app with a group of other people (listed under the people section of the app) then they will all need to move to the the new version of the app in order for you to assign them tasks again. We will automatically add them to the app for you if choose to Import your data from the old app. When you add them to the new app we will email them with instructions on how to use the new app.
  • Mobile apps
    • The old iPhone/Android/etc apps will not work with the new version. The old apps will only sync with the old Get It Done and the new apps will only sync with the new Get It Done. Find the new apps here
    • We no longer support Blackberry Playbook, we only support Blackberry BB10 devices.
    • We no longer support Windows 8 desktop and phones, we only support Windows 10 desktop and phones.
  • Recurring tasks
    • Your repeating tasks do not import from the old app, you will need to set up your repeating tasks again.
  • Calendar subscriptions
    • If you subscribe to a calendar of your tasks from an app like Outlook or Google Calendar, you will need to subscribe to the new app calendar, it will be a different link.
  • Emailing tasks to the app
    • The email address you use to email tasks to the app will be different. You can find your new email address under the "Import/Export" button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Emailing directly into a particular Area or focus is not yet supported in the new app. We are working to get this into the app soon.
  • New billing plans
    • We changed our pricing slightly in the new app. The old app was very difficult for users to add new people to the app and pay for them, we made it much simpler and easier with our new Team plan.
    • If you purchased the old app we will prorate this payment after purchasing the new app.
  • New Plans
    • Basic:
      • Price: Free
      • Limited to 5 projects + 3 areas
      • Free accounts work the same as before but with the added bonus of being able to use the app on multiple devices.
    • Personal:
      • Price: $39/year
      • This is the same plan as the old app. You get the full version of the app, the only thing you cannot do is add people to your app.
    • Team:
      • Price: $29/mo
      • This plan allows you to add up to 35 people to your app for no additional cost. Everyone you add under the "People" section of the app will also have a full account.

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